What is a waggle and why?
The main point of the waggle in the takeaway is to get the feeling right. It sets you up for a good swing by helping you feel the takeaway, align correctly, and visualize where the ball is going. The waggle is great for easing tension before a swing, making you feel comfortable and more confident in the swing you’re about to make. Plus, it makes you look like you know what you’re doing.

As a golfer, I always felt the need to rush my shot, but the waggle or takeaway drill helps you settle down and get into your routine. It ensures you take your time and really focus on the moment with the shot you have to hit. It’s about being present in the moment. The waggle serves as a good trigger to get your mind in the moment, setting you up to hit the best shot you can.

There’s no right way to do this, and I don’t think it should be the same every time or every day. But try to get into the habit of feeling the club and using those moments before you hit the ball to pre-program your brain. It helps your body and brain work together. We only need one or two waggles, and we’re good to go.