Learning around the cup
To finish the hole, we putt it in. So why do we focus so much on hitting the driver? Most golfers spend their time on the range hitting drivers and long irons. My children want to play on the greens. I think we can all learn from them. I’ll always try to convince every player I come into contact with how important the short game is.

With children, we work our way out; with adult beginners, I’ve tried this as well. Touch and feel on and around the greens are the keys to good scoring, and getting this sorted early makes the game more enjoyable. All it takes is one chipper and a putter, and we’re off. By the time we get to the range, the children have their eye in and hit better shots. They love smashing it with a light club, a teed-up ball, lots of loft, and a molded grip. It won’t take long before they’re beating you.

All players would benefit from more time on the putting green and less on the range.