How Golf Pros Help You Practice Less
Ask any golfer who has played for any amount of time, and they will all have a similar answer. The three most important clubs are the putter, the driver, and the wedge. To understand this better, let’s look at the stats: pros have 20-25 putts per round, and the guy who putts best usually wins the tournament. You hit your driver about 14 times per round, and your wedge is used almost every hole (hit a good drive, wedge it close; miss a green, use a wedge to get up and down). More importantly, putting can be a multiplier, as a three-footer counts the same as a 300-meter drive. It also sets you up for the next hole. Look at the momentum of a good score—it is always helped by good putting. Drain a snake for par, and you’re more pumped to hit a better drive down the next.